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"How to find your love on the Internet"

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In which cases this course is recommended?
KisKis is a mailing list service for people who need help and advices regarding how to succeed in relationship and love. Almost everyone of us has faced with some difficulties in relationships, and couldn't find a solution how to act it some kind of a complicated situation.

This course is recommended for people who found themselves in any of the following situations:

  • if all relationships were ending in same way - a break up & frustration
  • if it seems not to be possible to find a solution, nor to understand why such a thing is happening again and again
  • if someone feels unhappy and doesn't have luck in relationships

This course helps a reader to understand the areas where people can play differently. In step-by-step way, it will lead to a true success in love. It also describes a few very important principles which can be applied to reach win-win success with love partner.

This course causes a reader to realize how one can completely change his/her life and how to implement these changes.

During this course, a reader will be provided with useful advices from professional dating experts. These advices will offer a completely different approach for starting and developing relationships. A reader will be guided through the whole cycle: to find a soul-mate, then build-up a strong relationship which is based on mutual trust, and finally to have a happy family.

This course provides unique knowledge and practical advices about how to become confident and successful in flirting, love and relationship.

How it is different?
This course is based on a number of extensive researches that have been conducted in the area of sociology, psychology and human behavior. These researches have took place between 1950s and 1980s in the USA and UK. This course has been designed to be very simple and easy to use. However, there is a strong theoretical and philosophical background behind it. This course can be applied for women as well as for men, of all ages above 18.

It is very important to understand that this course won’t give any direct instructions to a reader to follow to. On contrary, it encourages a reader to make his/her own conclusions and to find own solutions, suitable in one's particular situation. It’s like a guide which helps to go all the way long, but the one who actually accomplishes the way is you! The fact that you do this yourself delivers confidence and true satisfaction. No one can get this done instead of yourself!

How it works
This service offers you 7 lessons which will guide you to make a successful, strong and long-term relationship. Each lesson takes exactly 1 day, thus the whole course takes 7 days. In the end of each lesson you will get your home exercise, which is extremely important to accomplish before you get to the next lesson on the next day.

Applying for this course is very easy. All you need to do is to subscribe by entering your name, email address and specify your gender in the subscription form on the top of this page. Then you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the activation link in an email that you receive, and you are done!

The lessons will arrive by email, one message per day. The first lesson will be sent to you right after you confirm your email address. The lessons will arrive approximately in the same time of the day when you confirm your email address. Lessons will be emailed during the working days as well as during the weekends. There is no reason to wait any longer for your true love, right? :)

Terms & Conditions
This course is absolutely free of charge till Mar 01, 2019
After Mar 01, 2019 the cost will be $50 per subscription for new subscribers. Existing subscribers may use the course for free.
All materials in this course are for personal usage only. The course materials can not be redistributed without written permission of KisKis. If you would like to recommend this course to someone else, you should send him/her a link to this page.

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